“I would like you to know how indebted I feel to you and your colleagues. The thoroughness and professionalism you showed over this period together with the humanity with which you engaged with me made an important contribution to my ability to cope. Thank you so much.”

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Youth Crime

Investigations and proceedings involving young people are aspects of crime which receive great attention from the press and politicians.  The considerations which influence procedure and sentencing in the Youth Court can be very different to those which apply in the adult Courts.

It is important that young people are represented by Solicitors who understand these issues and can present them effectively.

Sansbury Douglas has a dedicated team of experienced Youth Court advocates.  They have vast experience of young people and crime that help them empathise with their situation to give the most effective possible representation.

We have strong links with the Youth Justice Agencies and other professionals such as Child Psychologists, Educational Psychologists and Psychiatrists which we can deploy to any clients best advantage.

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