I would like to say a really big thank you to you for your excellent work and help for me and my family during the whole of my case. You were brilliant and very helpful, and the outcome of my trial was very good. I couldn’t have wished for a better solicitor to take my case and I would strongly advise…

Mr G
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R -v- P

In a prosecution brought by the Serious Fraud Office, our client was one of several people charged with defrauding the Legal Aid fund. The total extent of the alleged fraud was quantified at approximately ten million pounds. The case involved vast quantities of documentation and was one of the largest ever prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, and was one of the longest criminal trials ever to take place.

R -v- L

Our client was charged with fraudulent trading following the collapse of a savings and investment company. He was prosecuted by the DTI following directorship disqualification proceedings. The loss to investors was approximately £500,000. Many small and medium-sized investors lost life savings. The case was described by the DTI as a “mini Barlow Clowes”. As a result of our successful negotiations the client did not lose his liberty.

R v W

Representing a defendant charged with several forms of fraud as Company Accountant, which included alleged fraud on Welsh Development Agency. The total value of fraud was alleged to be approx £20 million. Client acquitted after 2 trials lasting some 6 months. Newport Crown Court.

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